20 September


The first day of the two day cyber security conference.  Today will focus mainly on training and setup for Saturday.

Participant Registration


Participants can arrive, register and attend the classes that they have signed up for.  Choose from many events, Red v Blue, CTF prep, and more.

Village Setup


Sponsors and event participants can arrive at Building 5 of CEI to set up their areas.  

Training: So you want to win a CTF?


Jason Wright and Todd Keller are members of the AcmePharm CTF team (winners of Defcon 18's CTF challenge).

Both have participated in many CTF events over the years. In this workshop, we'll take apart binaries

from a few previous events and use them as a basis for teaching reverse engineering and CTF thinking.

Students should bring their own laptop and be able to run a virtual machine from an OVF (VMWare,

Virtualbox, etc.).

Event: Compunet Red vs. Blue


Participate in a top tier Red vs. Blue exercise, test your skills against a live adversary and see if you have the mettle to come out on top of the competition.

Training: Cloud Forensics Workshop and Challenge


Students must bring their own laptop to the workshop and CTF Challenge.  It will be expected that you either have software capable of running a virtual machine preloaded, or alternatively you may spin up a VM on your choice of Cloud Service Provider and then attach the snapshot which will be made available prior to the start of the conference.  It is also expected that analysis tools are also preloaded (Forensics, PCAP, memory, RE, etc) as many of the CTF puzzles will involve file carving, packet analysis, memory analysis, cryptography, steganography, or any combination thereof.)  Some examples of analysis tools include: TSK/Autopsy, Wireshark, Volatility, OpenStego, ciphers.


It will also be expected that students fully participate in the class for its entire duration, especially as you will be in teams and must work together during the CTF Challenge to maximize your chances of winning.  If you have any concerns about this, please contact the Lead Instructor via email (Cloud4n6Challenge at Gmail).

The Cloud. From email to storage, to social media and computing; we use it in our everyday lives and it impacts all aspects of technology. What started out as simple online storage has grown and expanded, and cloud computing today forms the basis for performing powerful processing capabilities at a fraction of traditional equipment costs. While there are now many Cloud providers, one question remains: Is the Cloud truly secure? What were to happen if a data breach in the Cloud occurred, and more importantly, what information will the security professional need to know in order to conduct a forensics investigation?


The focus of this training will be two-fold; first, to provide a high-level cloud-agnostic overview of Cloud computing, to identify some of its risks, and explore some of the tools and techniques that are used during a cloud-based digital forensics investigation. Second, students will form into teams and battle it out in a CTF-style challenge to test their comprehension of the material and their skill sets by investigating a digital image of a Cloud-based server, searching for "flags" to redeem in order to earn points and compete for some sweet prizes!

Taught by Kerry Hazelton

Gaming Night!


Join us for game night!  We will relax, interact with each other, play tabletop games, and generally enjoy fun for the entire family!

There will be new games, old games, strategy, adventure, and everything in between.

You are also welcome to bring your own games!


Have questions?  Want to volunteer?  Interested in sponsoring?  Contact us!