Getting There

The venue is located at the College of Eastern Idaho in their Nursing College Building.  Flights can be obtained directly to Idaho Falls, ID; Jackson, WY; or Salt Lake City, UT.  SLC is the most economical (3 hour drive), Jackson is the most scenic (1.5 hour drive), and Idaho Falls is definitely the most time efficient.

Never been to Idaho Falls before?  Accommodations are plentiful in September.  The best places to stay are along the Snake River.  There are hotels nearer the venue but nothing in Idaho Falls is more than 15 minutes of driving unless you get caught by the afternoon train and forget how to use an underpass. 


Nearby Attractions

We're a big fan of local holes in the wall and dining.  The Snakebite, Irish Pub, Los Panchos, Tom's Pizza, Leo's Pizza, Stockman's Steak House, Shilo Inn, Sandpiper, Fuji Japanese steak house, Abracadabras, Dixie's Diner, North Highway Cafe, Snake River Grill, etc are some of the local shops that are good to eat at.  There are many more, and they are often found on Yelp!



Yes, we have shopping.  Not as great as Paris (France, not Idaho), but better than Moscow (Idaho, not Russia).



Welcome to Idaho! 


Fan of the outdoors?  This place is paradise.  Fishing everywhere.  Four golf courses.  Two Disc golf courses.  An hour and a half or less from Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, Island Park, Heise Hot Springs, Craters of the Moon, Mink Creek, Grand Teton National Park, and Wolverine Canyon.  You can enjoy water skiing, jet skiing, white water rafting, hiking, horseback riding, ATV rentals, sand dune snowboarding/skiing, dune buggying, wrestling grizzly bears, log tossing competitions, Sasquatch hunting, snipe hunting, etc.

Not a fan of the outdoors?  Get outside!  It's good for you!  Pocatello and Idaho Falls both offer local entertainment and Island Park and Heise have live entertainment dinners. 


Our after BSide's event will be held at The Hollow at Bear and Blue from 6:00pm until 9:00pm

Have questions?  Want to volunteer?  Interested in sponsoring?  Contact us!